Our Team
Business Admenistrative

Our experts help you with all economic and administrative challenges

Medical Healthcare Concept - Doctor in hospital with medical icons modern interface showing symbol of medicine innovation medical treatment emergency service doctoral data and patient health.
Medical Doctors

Our experts help you with all medical challenges


Our experts help you with all technical challenges


Our experts help you with the practical implementation, i.e. with the actual production and design of various technologies, products and services

Computer Scientist

Our experts help you with the development, programming and modification of software and hardware

Medical technicians

Our experts help you with the design and production of medical devices and support you with the purchase of medical devices

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.

Our experts will help you with legal questions and represent you before the court if necessary


Our experts help you with creativity and artistic talent to use text and images to create graphic communication tools for clients – from small logos to websites to full branding packages.


Our experts can help you plan, control and monitor your internal transport, handling and warehousing processes. => Internal logistics This involves the provision and optimisation of processes along the value chain or logistics chain

Tax consultant

Our experts will help you with forward-looking advice for optimal tax planning, the preparation of accounting records, annual financial statements and tax returns, as well as the subsequent review of tax assessments and representation of the client in disputes with the tax office and before the tax court