Using The Right Tools To Uncover Deep Insights


For greatest impact, all of our methods and deliverables are grounded in the human sciences.
Every business challenge is unique and, as such, we curate a unique set of methods and deliverables to help us reveal the answers to your questions and the strategies that will have the greatest impact going forward.

Academic Lit Review

Leverage The Existing Literature And Research To Power Your Next Business Decision.

Affect Misattribution Procedure (AMP)

An Understanding Of Emotional Attitudes Toward Your Brand And Which Brands Assets Produce The Strongest Emotional Impact.

Attribute Elicitation Task (AET)

A Scientifically Validated Method For Comparing Competitive Brands, Products. Instead Of Relying Upon Biased Pre-Definitions Of Attributes To Be Used, The Participants Define Them Based On Personal Relevance. Deployable In Either Qualitative Or Quantitative Designs.

Behavioral Experiments

Overcomes The Limitations Of Claimed Behaviors That Are Notoriously Unreliable And Non-Predictive. Randomized Control Trials Follow The Scientific Method To Prove Behavioral Outcomes.


The Cognitive-Behavioral Interviewing (CBI) Is A Validated Approach That Maximizes Information Extraction While Minimizing Bias Introduced By The Interviewer.

Chart Audits

Assess The Strengths And Weaknesses Your Current And Potential Competitors

Cognitive Interviewing

A Detailed Look Through Actual Patient Charts, To Match Key Persona Characteristics With Actual Treatment Recommendation.

Digital Anthropology

Giving Us Insight Into How Digital Forums Simultaneously Reflect And Shape People’s Experiences, Identities, Needs, Perceptions, And Behaviors.

Digital Tracking

Follow Participants Online Activities To See What Is Important To Them – Interests, Values, Issues Of Concern, And What Brands They Are Engaging With

Ethnographic Immersion

Ethnographic Immersions, In-Home Or Through Excursions, Present Opportunities To Get Up Close And Personal To The Lived Experience Of People—And See Their Surroundings, How They Behave, And The Differences Between What They Say And What They Do.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups Bring Together Groups Of People For Highly Focused Discussions. This Allows Them To Share And Build Ideas With Each Other. The Goal Is To Understand Belief Systems And Behaviors

Horizon Scanning

Leveraging Current Academic And Popular Secondary Information Sources, FSI’s Social Scientists Will Explore The Tensions, Issues And Trends In The Current And Projected Category Landscape And Its Impact On The Brand.

Journey and Personal Development

An Exploration Process That Helps Identify And Organize A Full Psychographic And Attitudinal Portrait, Including Needs, Motivations, Values, Wants And The Current And Aspirational Role For Your Brand In Their Lives.

Intercept Interviews

Intercept Interviews Allow Us To First Observe Behavior And Then Capture In-The-Moment Feelings And Factors.

Implicit Association Tests

Measures The Subconsciously Held Attitudes Towards Brands, Categories, Communications In Order To Avoid The Well-Documented Biases From Direct Inquiry Research Methods. Deployable In Either Qualitative Or Quantitative Designs.

Media Discourse Analysis

Analysis Of Influential Discourses Around A Brand Or An Issue, Communicated In The News Media, Popular Literature Or On Social Media. Identifying The Linguistic And Symbolic Codes That Anchor People’s Beliefs And Attitudes, This Method Investigates How Broader Social And Cultural Changes Shape Brand Perception.


Synthesize And Give New Life To The Existing Knowledge Living In The Company ‘Vaults’.

Motivation Testing

Pinpoints specific motivational drivers that best predict purchase behavior based on time-limited association tasks. Deployable in either qualitative or quantitative designs.

Stakeholder Interviews

Leveraging the tacit knowledge and expertise that your key stakeholders possess.


Decoding And Mapping Advertising In A Category, Understanding How Meaning Is Created Through The Imagery, Sounds, And Language Used. It Is A Powerful Tool To Uncover Where A Brand Lives Within The Competitive Set, And How A Brand Reflects And Influences The Culture At Large.

Predictive markets

Online Market Simulation Platform That Leverages Crowd-Based Intelligence To Mimic Real Life In A Market Simulation, Getting Close To A Real-Life Trial As Possible. The Goal Is To Optimize Concepts Over Repeated Trials To Produce A Winning Concept.

Online Community

With The Ability To Share Text, Video And Images, Customers Engage In A Rich And Reflective Dialogue Online, Providing Deep Understanding Of Their Values, Beliefs And Behaviors. This May Be In A Community Format Or One-On-One With The Moderator.


Whatever your business challenge is we can find a way to answer it. For example, one of our clients needed to understand the drive-thru experience and so, using our research expertise, we developed a methodology that utilized dash-cams and intercept interviews right in the restaurants.


Brand Purpose Workshop

Every brand’s Purpose is designed for the unique needs and context of the business. Uncover your brand’s potential and Purpose.

Concept Refinement

Our behavioral science infused approach helps optimize and build the most relevant strategies for your business

Idea Co-Creation

A guided workshop to help you and your team discover your next big idea

Ideation Workshop

Tease out all those ideas that your team has and then turn them into successful business strategies.

Insight Execution

Following insight delivery, it’s important to internalize the findings and turn them into strategies and tactics.

Journey Map

Universal and personified journeys will provide the key decision-points and un/under-met needs that may serve as opportunities for your business.


Clearly-defined personas, describing who your target persons are, or could be, or look like. For each persona, a personified journey will be built, outlining the key temporal specificities of this experience.